Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Week 3: We got a bit stuck

So Ted left us very early a week ago Saturday. I spent that weekend settling back into the neighborhood I was used to near Unicentro Mall/La Fontana hotel and our apartment there.

One of the favorite items of the weekend, once again, Cyclovia!! At that time, our adoption was moving forward ahead of schedule, and I was feeling the hope that I could leave early, so I got any shopping done necessary at the Usaquen market.

On Monday, we were able to get Drew's Colombian passport applied for without difficulty and picked it up on time on Tuesday morning. Next we went straight over to Bienstar, Colombian child welfare, in hopes that the one guy, the head of Colombian adoptions, had signed our would be able to sign our "Conformity" letter. Basically, this is just his signature saying "Yep, Colombian complied with the Hague and so did the Sibley's and the case is closed".

BUT, this guy has a tendency to get sent out of Bogota on business elsewhere in the country, and he had left on Monday previous and would not be returning until Tuesday 5/30 (today). I had been warned this could happen.. and just like that me and every other adoption in the country was stuck until he came back. That was a bummer. I was pretty pumped to get to go home early and now I was here with absolutely nothing to do for a full 7 days.

So we killed time.We killed so much time.. in the rain.. in the apartment.. walking in the rain.. running outside when it wasn't raining.. all of that.

Though I was in the midst of a very challenging day personally, some joy shone down on Thursday when Maria Teresa took us to the Multi-Parque and Sammy was able to get his go-cart on as well as visiting a bunch of animals.

And back up in Minnesota, Ben turned 7, and I'm not totally okay with that just yet.

Even though I had planned to be home, we headed to Cyclovia once again!

So we handled that and bonded, and I'm pretty sure my parenting quality control went to an all time low?

But this morning, SUCCESS! Conformity letter obtained, amongst the stack of letters that were sitting on the guys desk for everyone else.

So we came home triumphant, and decided going out to lunch at Crepes and Waffles was very necessary for this day of days.

We got an email from the embassy later in the afternoon that we are to show up tomorrow morning for our appointment, out the door at 7:30am!! I've always had positive experiences during my Embassy interviews, so we will hope that tomorrow is good for round #5.

Personally, my favorite part of the American Embassy compound in both Colombia and Ethiopia is the pristine, clean power flush toilets. They are amazing when you have gotten used to life without it.

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