Thursday, September 1, 2016

Drew Sibley: "The kid we aren't adopting" until we were

I remember this day well. Note the ice cream. I cried through the entire application. We were adamantly done with international adoption after Trenton. We are passionate about family preservation and taking care of the kids in our own back yard as well. More on those kids in the post to come, but for now, this is the visual of me writing the 15 page application to adopt a special needs child from Colombia. We weren't officially matched to Drew yet at this point, but we knew he was there and his circumstance was not going to change until someone wrote an envelope with his name on it. So on August 16th, I wrote the the beginning of that envelope.

We set ourselves a deadline to decide, and on September 1st we submitted an official Letter of Intent to FANA (his, Lucas, and Sam's first home) requesting to pursue him. We were approved in October, and the paper chase for his dossier was in full swing.

Meanwhile, as his process was still out of my control, we used that time to advocate well for displaced children here in the city.

Hence, starting to work with Safe Families for Children again. WHICH WE SO DID. Read on.