Wednesday, August 31, 2016

June 2016, THE BIG MOVE

We knew since 2013 that moving back to MN permanently was the right move for our family... now pulling that off logically and emotionally was an entire other ordeal. Even through we had two years to plan for the idea, that didn't make it easier in the moment. We knew that Trenton would likely arrive sometime in 2015, and the plan was to get that child settled before the big move. One does not simply fill out job applications to change employment as an ER doctor under contract so that was the first thing to work towards.

Ted traveled in fall 2015 to secure his new contract with Emergency Care Consultants in the Twin Cities that manage many of the emergency departments in the area. He works primarily at United in downtown St Paul, although he travels out to others in Wisconsin, Hastings, and Minneapolis on occasion.

We had saved and saved for the right house to do community ministry out of... and we found just the right spot. Bulleye center of the metro area and able to sleep 14 people relatively comfortably.

We live in a pretty fab area

We spent the summer adjusting to the new reality. I missed my friends fiercely. The kids didn't understand why we had to leave everything they had ever known.. but slowly over time this place became home again.