Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Waitlist #14 as of today!

I just got the response back from Holt and we are now #14!!!

That's even better than I thought :-) Woohoo!

That's all!


Well folks, it turns out May 18th is a big day in our family. Today is Ted's annual anniversary of being cancer free, and it's a date that I will always remember as the day our "baby envelope" officially made it halfway around the world safely to adopt our next child.

I'm bad with birthdays... but I'm GOOD at adoption dates. Lucas papers were officially approved by the ladies at his orphanage on April 21st, 2008.. and my sweet boy was born the next day. I just didn't know it.

So DTE day is a big deal. The Lord answered our prayers for safety of our original documents to make it to their intended destination!

We were #26 on the wait list when our complete dossier was received 4/20 (originally received 4/16 but I had to fix something) and we have watched it creep down one or 3 steps at a time since then.

After some of our friends received referrals last week (I think 4) we should be someplace in the teens. I'll find out later today since I thought my DTE email was a good excuse to ask them nicely :-)

We are currently up in Minnesota (Lucas and I) visiting family and friends. It has helped pass the time while we wait! We will be returning next week in time for our immigration fingerprinting appointment on the 28th. Under the newest change, we can't be submitted for court with a referral until immigration has cleared, fees have been paid, and all papers returned signed. The immigration is the piece that we have no control over, so it's nice to have that printing appointment set up!

So.. on the non adoption front.. here are some highlights :-)

It was my 2nd mother's day, which was celebrated by some time away from my blessed boy.. and I was able to take a quiet walk with my husband down Grande Avenue and then enjoy some dinner and adult conversation!

That is my happy mommy face

Lucas has also been out being busy and keeping me busy as a result. Here are a few photos from his play time, trying out papa Sibley's motorcycle, and working on the baseball skills!

He is really into doing the "big wee"s now.. which is a little difficult on my stress level but I'm very proud of him :-)

Isn't he ridiculously cute? Here's to t-ball next year!!

The family moments help to keep me grounded during this time of waiting. I'm truly enjoying this wait.. not that I wouldn't be THRILLED to get a referral call right now.. but it's just about resting in God's timing rather than waiting for all my dreams to blow up (my outlook of 2008). I'm so thankful for this time of hopefulness. I know that my child has been born.. and they are over there.. and I just can't WAIT to have a specific little person to pray for.

I think about him/her every day and I'm just so excited for the opportunity to be a mother for the 2nd time. I am so blessed.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

"RARS"- What Dinosaurs say

Ted finally finished pulmonary on Friday and began another round in the Emergency Dept on Saturday... but the beautiful thing about the ED is that it's shift work. This allows for some family time too!

To celebrate my one year anniversary of full time mommy-hood and Lucas 2nd Bday.. we decided to go to the dinosaur exhibit at Union Station. Lucas was so excited about the big dinosaur in front of Union Station.. that he was very upset that we were driving past it (to park!) without stopping.

He loved the exhibit.. but as you can see some of those big T-Rex "Rars" could not be looked at without holding on to Mommy or Daddy at the same time. For safety :-)

This is what his face looks like when he makes his dinosaur noises..

And then we went home for a big nap...

More visitors to KC

During Lucas B-Day weekend.. we enjoyed a visit from Grandma and also Uncle Andy from Minnesota.

Here are some photos from Lucas' time with Grandma at Paradise Park. His two favorite things are the water discovery area and the Lucas size grocery store.. where he usually chooses to purchase unlimited syrup for waffles.. his favorite food.

Andy arrived on Friday night (when Ted had to be on call for pulmonary) so it was up to me to entertain him. We drove around to see the highlights of KC.. Power & Light, the Plaza... and Ted's ghetto hospital! We found ourselves back at Power and Light to catch up. One of Ted's childhood friends, Angie, was also in town so we met up with her and her friends also!

Two men enjoying waffles

Ted and Andy were finally able to get together on Saturday and enjoyed some good times at Kaufman stadium watching the Twin's play the Royals. I made them take pictures to prove it.

We look forward to more visitors in the near future :-)

Lucas 2nd Birthday- Missouri

MY BABY TURNED 2 ON APRIL 22ND. I only cried a little..... :-)

Here are those cake pictures that I'm sure you expected. We celebrated with the Sibley 3 and my mom who came down from Iowa to help :-)

You will have to trust me that the end result of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting was a bit intense.. and following this he was de-diapered and thrown into the tub for scrubbing!!

Enjoying the Wait- adoption update ;-)

Well we have officially been "waiting" now for two weeks. It feels good! We had some time and decided to go ahead and put up the crib. Yes, it's a bit premature, but we wanted Lucas to get used to looking at it and it's much prettier assembled than in a big ugly box.

Here are a few photos of the assembly and our finished product.

This is the view of both of the cribs in the room.. but the lighting wasn't working out too awesome for me..

So here are some more details about where we are at with the Ethiopia process...

I spent the past two weeks working on grant applications. We have finished the last one and it is ready to go on its way to be reviewed. We are praying that the grant organizations we have applied for will prayerfully consider helping us in the financial aspects of this endeavor. PLEASE PRAY :-) We don't expect to hear anything from them for awhile.. because most grant organizations review these things quarterly.

We are currently in the mid 20's in terms of the wait for referral. There were over 50 referrals in the month of March! Because there were so many, we were told to not expect a whole bunch this month (April) and May as the children are "legally abandoned" in batches by the Ethiopian court. There have been 3 referrals in the past week or so. If I were to estimate.. I would think that we would have some news late in May or perhaps June... but in the world of adoption one never knows. Another giant batch might give us something to talk about sooner than we think!

It is different than when we were waiting for Lucas, in that this time we will be getting "the call" that so many adoptive families are referring to. Although we do not have an assigned "buddy couple" this time, the Wagners from our FANA group have remained faithful in their moral support from all the way up in Minnesota! With this adoption, we will receive a referral and will be prepared for court at that time. We expect there to be about 2 months from our referral to the first court date. At this time, we expect that we will both have to travel to Ethiopia for the first court date. Once we pass court, we will be assigned a visa appointment where I will return by myself to take custody and bring baby home. We expect that to happen sometime this fall.

As you can see, there are pros and cons to both situations. With Lucas we were able to travel right away.. we just had no idea when we would be coming back. Ethiopia trips are shorter, but the process from referral to bringing baby home is much longer. I suppose all siblings are different with different pregnancies... so here is my adoptive parent equivalent :-)

I am part of the Holt International Yahoo Group... which is where we crazy waiting moms get together and track each others processes. Very similar to what I was doing during happy hour with the ladies from the FANA waiting mom's group 2 years ago at this time! It's funny how things are different. Right now, I just need to train myself to not check my email 20 times a day because I want to see who is getting referrals!!!! Really, it's hard. Even right now I want to check it!

That is all the news I have for now.. that we've moved from #26 at least 3 spots in the past week or so.. anxiously.. but not too anxiously.. waiting to see what will happen in the next month. It's exciting :-)