Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baby Sibley #2 Dossier Complete and on its way!!

First of all, I would like to issue an apology to baby Sibley #2... BECAUSE... Baby Sibley #2 will someday reading Lucas' caring bridge updates that I wrote while we were preparing his paperwork, and say "Hey!! How come he has more than me!!" (during the initial paper process anyway).. and this will be my response:

"When I was working on the paperwork for your brother, all I had to do was get up, go to work, come home, change clothes, and sit there and stare at his paperwork and update the blog every night... when I would always have 3 or 4 hours of time to do that. With you, my sweet child, I had about one hour of time each day during Lucas' nap when I would hit the books WORKING ON your paperwork. At that time, updating the blog was way down on the list of things that needed to happen during the time I was working on YOU."

I'm sure he/she won't buy it, but that is my excuse.

So see? Baby Sibley #2's paperwork has not even been gone 24 hours, and here I am, UPDATING THE BLOG ;-) I shall continue to update this blog whenever I get a hint of any kind of information about adoption things going forward, on Mommy's honor.

So I don't have any pictures of the craziness of yesterday.. because it was crazy.. but I do have some photos of the results of such craziness.. which was a finished dossier ;-) Long story shorter, I wandered the downtown streets of Kansas City to find a big un-labeled government building that was not at all the address that it said it was to the naked eye. We finally found it, got in there, Lucas was freaking out... left for Lucas to finish freaking out... returned to find out one of my two only documents that had to be state certified was no valid. Super sadness. Wandered back to the car.

Super Daddy... out saving the world and the extremely sick people of the pulmonary floor of St Luke's hospital saved the day by tracking down a notary on the nursing staff and sneaking me into a closet to re-sign our power of attorney papers.

Lucas, with no nap.. and bordering on losing his mind entirely... did okay at the 2nd visit to the Sec of State office.. because I brought him an entire bag of popcorn as bribery which mostly worked.

We left the Sec of State office on our 2nd time, document in hand, and our last piece of the dossier.

Once Daddy got home, I left to take over the big table at Kinkos where I made a few milion copies of everything, reorganized it, tabbed it, quadruple checked it... you get the idea.

Here below, the fruits of our labors, and our very tired child.

We had to do some intermediate reading during the photo opportunity.. because somebody was super tired.. and couldn't figure out why post-bath pre-bed time was the time to be taking pictures...

So after our pictures, we were off to Fed Ex to send it off as a family. Lucas wasn't quite sure what the deal was and why he was taken someplace in his jammies with no shoes.. but whatever we weren't going for fashion we just wanted to do it as a family! I sent it expedited to be received on Friday and it is in FedEx hands until then!

So what do we do now you ask? GRANT APPLICATIONS. You can't apply for grants until your homestudy is completed, and I didn't have the files of mine until Saturday so I got to work! The sooner we get these important packets out to the organizations, the sooner we find if we will be receiving any aid in this endeavor.

So I bet you're wondering what comes next for the future baby. Well, Holt has to come through the giant 2lb packet I sent and make sure it looks good. There were a ton of referrals last month so the "list" is on the short side right now, but it's also possible that there won't be any referrals this month because there were so many. They tend to go in batches, because the kids are legally free for adoption in batches and we travel in batches. It is yet to be seen if we will receive a referral in the next "batch", but it could definitely happen based on the numbers I see.

Here is a picture of 2 men and a baby.

Here is a picture of the men taking apart the futon that was our "guest bed" in Lucas room to make room for the crib! We were able to donate the couch to the garage sale for one of our friends also fundraising for Ethhiopia.

I will leave you with a few pictures of our trip to the zoo on Sunday.. and I'll have lots more to say about the Ethiopia process in the next few days when I feel like telling you the long story about the new "2 trip process" that has freaked everyone in the Ethiopia adoption community in the past month.

Obviously with my son on the move, NO WALLABY IS SAFE

He loved the train.. but was a wee bit tired..

Big boys prefer big sticks. Obviously :-)